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Estelí Project

Gotita de Amor Pre-School, Estelí, Nicaragua, was developed in 2001 out of a community effort to provide early childhood education. The initial building grew out of a donation of land by the city and a concerted effort of a Peace Corps Volunteer, the Wisconsin/Nicaragua Partners (W/NP) and the Stevens Point/Estelí Partner City Committees, along with the Estelí Mayor’s office and a NGO in Switzerland. The building now has electricity and working indoor plumbing and restroom facilities. The school serves 45 children, ages 3-5 years of age.

This summer Ali and Mary have been offering English classes at the Preschool. "The students there really want to learn. I mean they even get up and come every Sunday. It is a great building but does need some things, such as they have a kitchen but none of the utilities. As you can see in the pics that we do have chairs and tables but they are little. The 2 white boards are awesome we use them all the time. I have been teaching the older more advanced students while Ali teachers the younger ones. I think that the more and more we can use the building the better things will be. Like if we had the kitchen stuff there could be cooking classes, or if we had cosmetology tools there could be those kinds of classes. Over all it has be an amazing experience so far and I am so happy to be able to be here." - Mary

To view the full report, click here.

Estelí Project
Estelí Project Estelí Project


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